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Internal Shutters

Shutters come with a host of aesthetic and practical advantages that make them perfect for any home no matter the style.  the clean lines of shutters add a contemporary and cool feel to any room, whilst at the same time can add a traditional feel to an older property.  Shutters are great at filtering light, adding warmth in winter and helping the room stay cool in summer.  They are also great at reducing outside noises.  Shutters can also easily be motorized making them super easy to operate.

With several slat widths to choose from they can compliment any room and add a sense of luxury.  Vinyl/composite shutters work great in moist/damp environments such as bathrooms, wet rooms, laundry rooms and of course kitchens.  

Custom shapes can be easily achieved with shutters where other blinds and shades cannot, this makes shutters a wonderful choice for odd shaped windows.

Hardwood shutters are also available along with plenty of paint colour choices and stains.  Shutters can be operated with both a tilt rod or geared in the stile for a clearer view and even automated to work with your smart home devices, such as Alexa, Google and Control4.

If you are thinking about how shutters would look in your home, please call 778-557-2000 or email

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